DOSSIER understands journalism as teamwork. Journalists research and investigate. Analysts interpret data. Media designers and programmers visualize the results. For special challenges DOSSIER also teams up with outside experts.

Georg Eckelsberger works in research and is responsible for editorial coordination. Before he cofounded DOSSIER, he worked as a freelance journalist for different magazines: Among others he wrote for the monthly magazine DATUM, the weekly newspaper Falter and the magazines Business Punk and Red Bulletin.
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Matej Kundračik is responsible for editing and fact checking. Kundračik is a translator for Czech and Slovak, and worked as a research assistant for the Research Centre for Historical Minorities. He currently works Austria Press Agency and as a lector for the monthly magazine Datum and the Austrian daily Der Standard.


Fabian Lang is responsible for DOSSIER’s graphic design as well as for the development of new forms of representation. He works as an information designer and web developer. Lang is co-founder of the online magazine paroli and member of Der Gestalt. He is currently working as an art director for NZZ Austria.

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Peter Sim is responsible for research with a focus on video journalism and data driven journalism. The economist had previously worked as a research assistant for Statistics. His articles have been published in the daily business newspaper Wirtschaftsblatt and the Viennese weekly Falter.

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As editor-in-chief Florian Skrabal runs DOSSIER’s journalistic agendas. The cofounder of DOSSIER serves on the Board of Directors of the Austrian press club Concordia and teaches Journalism at the University of Applied Sciences in Vienna and in Eisenstadt. Skrabal gained his journalistic experience as a reporter for the Austrian monthly magazine Datum, the German weekly stern and the Austrian daily newspaper Die Presse.

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Sahel Zarinfard is responsible for research and the development of new ways of storytelling. She also runs the DOSSIER: Academy. Zarinfard teaches journalism at the University of Applied Sciences in Vienna and the Vienna University. She is co-founder of the online magazin Paroli and has worked as a writer for the Viennese weekly Falter and other publications.

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Images: (c) Tom Linecker und Klara Haas